Who I am

I am an Integral Professional Coach and workshop facilitator with over 10 years of experience in the field of International activism and social change. I believe people tend to keep their best features hidden – sometimes even from themselves. Often passions, talents, desires and hopes for the future get buried under the overflowing to-do lists of daily life. As a coach, workshop facilitator and event host, I shine a light on the things that really matter to people, helping them connect to others as their truest and fullest selves.

I am Dutch with Indonesian roots and you could say I am a true citizen of the world. I have lived in Amsterdam, Honolulu, Jakarta and Cartagena, and have recently moved to the island of Aruba in the Carribean. I hold a Master in Southeast Asian studies and am currently studying my 7th language (Papiamento). Besides languages I devour methods in which we humans can better and more deeply connect, such as Art of Hosting, Theory U and Thinking Environment. I love to sing and dance, and spend time with my loved ones – preferably over a good cappuccino or cocktails.